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This is the third marketing advice that I would like to share to you. Marketing really does amazing wonders to your sales only if you put your heart on it and only if you are willing to take the risk. Here are a few creativity techniques to help you with your marketing plans.

Practical Marketing for non marketers: Enhance your creativity to get results

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#Thinking Analysis

Compare your product with another competitor product and analyze what you can offer to your customers if they choose your product. This will help you think of ways to position your product by communicating to your customers. Instead of communicating to your customer that “our toothpaste is fighting 100% bacteria on your mouth”, you can say” If you use our toothpaste you will boost your fresh-confidence”. Brainstorm New Ideas. You can have thousands of wonderful ideas. Think of how you can use those ideas to market your business.

#Ask stupid questions

Sometimes, asking a very stupid question can lead to great ideas. Remember, the music history of cellular phones today had humble beginnings. We started having big phones in the pocket for text and calls which eventually evolved into something it is now, with add  ed features that includes having your preferred music. Who would have thought that you can bring your personal radio in your pocket? Start an Idea-Pass. You can start by writing a marketing plan and pass the idea to an officemate with instructions that they add something to it, (an adjective or a verb it depends) and pass it on to another person again.

#Write and Rewrite

It is always good to revisit your script for marketing communications. You will be amazed that rewriting makes you become more creative in your marketing ideas. You can start by rewriting your company’s brochure and come up with new catching words to use for the updated one. You might compose more catching headlines that the last one.

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