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For those who have just started operating a small business, advertising can be an additional expense in the pocket. Some freelancer even do not have a budget for advertising as yet in the first few months of operations. However, with some resourceful thoughts, you can actually find few means to promote your business in your local area for free!

You need not pay a full page newspaper advertisement to let your local clients know that you have started operations. Without paying a dime you can put your business in the local business map. Here’s how:

9 Free and Practical ways to advertise your business locally


#Be active in social media

The internet is a tingling sensation to the hands of both the young and old. Your possible client might be a 65-year old grandmother but there is a greater chance that that person has her own facebook account. These social media vehicles have been their source of connection to family and friends. 9 out of 10 Americans are active on social media. If you create a noticeable account, there is a high chance that you can be glanced upon or, searched upon. It is easy to promote all offers when you do it in social media.

#Your website must speak of your worth

When you create your own website, make sure that it clearly explains the purpose of your business existence. It must also be easy to navigate even to the non-techy person in the local area. An attractive website will have the most needed attention. It must contain your goals and your brand identity. You must also optimize the use of SEO so it is easy to search. Lastly, it must be mobile internet friendly. Most people nowadays are holding on to their cellular phones as if they are attached to their daily lives.

#Prioritize Blogging about your products and services

If you constantly add blog on your website, it will increase the chances of getting the attention that you need. It helps a lot if you use SEO words and phrases in your blog posts so it is easy to search. Websites without updates normally do not get a lot of viewers so it is an added factor if you update your blog regularly to invite people to check your offers. The comments that the readers leave in your blog creates an interaction between you and your audience. Always put a social sharing buttons so that others can share it for you, thereby creating a network of discovery.

#Connect to your local newspaper for press releases at least once a month

Press releases in your local dailies can be a good opportunity to market your business. And the good thing is, it is for free. You can submit an article on anything new that’s worthy of a post. Let the community be aware that you are there. If you have a good relationship with editors and journalists, there is a great chance at being noticed and published because they will read your press release.

#Make and Share Videos to market your products

Youtube is a very popular tool for your video uploads. Create a youtube channel and check on guides how to create an effective youtube video. If you get a lot of viewers, this will improve your visibility and create potential leads for your brand.You can also create a skype online interview or host an online seminar to gain exposure.

#Get listed on popular local directories

One best way for your business to be searchable online is by listing it in local directories. There are a number of popular online directories available: Bing, Yahoo, Linkedln, Google, Yelp, Foursquare, Yellowbook. Just make sure you have all the details in place because if the information is incomplete, the customer might not find you.

#Check your company in Google+ Local

Google+ local is a great way to verify on google maps your business location. Google will send a pin number to your business address. If someone enters the pin, your business can start receiving benefits after the verification. These benefits include an appearance of your business in google local searches, receive reviews from customers so others will know about you and will soon visit you, and connect with other profiles on Google+Local. The pin numbers might take days to arrive but then again, this is free.

#Attend all social events, build networks and connections

If you happen to see potential events to meet your target customers, grab and attend these events. This will increase your chance of getting known through meet ups with local contacts. Start networking and getting your business known by participating in conversations related to your business and even speak if there is a conference in the area.

#Post comments on someone else’s social media account or site

Posting comments or writing something in someone else’s social media site is a good way to get exposed, especially if that person had a good reputation or has a lot of followers and audiences. If the post gets attention, it will be a great opportunity to get contacts and hopefully attract readers. Just make sure that in making comments you follow the basic guidelines for guest posting.

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