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Elite Care Wellness To say that life is wonderful is an understatement. Sure, there may be certain things in life that make it tough, the stress at work or in school, the bills to pay, the traffic; but these are just spices, for there are more things such as food trips, travelling, family, friends and other loved ones that make living the best! If only living forever is an option. But getting older is just inevitable; afterall there is no fountain of youth! But there is such thing as Elite Care Wellness and it’s just as good!  

Elite Care Wellness


Some people are very passionate about staying in shape. It is understandable. Afterall, who doesn’t want to be healthy? When we are healthy, we have more years to enjoy life more! Not to mention we have more energy to do all the things that we want to do. These days, the popular adage, “Health is wealth” has taken a more serious note, everyone just wants to be healthy and they take extra efforts to be one.


Whether it’s just a case of sniffles or a serious health concern that requires attention, we are here for you

Elite Care Wellness aims to hopefully make lives better and longer using holistic means and state of the art equipment’s. We believe that the key to a healthy, happy and longer life is through wellness and beauty. You can also assure that everyone who works in Elite Care Wellness are not just professionals but the best in their fields. Our physician has been Board Certified in Internal medicine and as if that’s not already impressive, he is a member of the International Association Physicians in Aesthetic and Weight Loss Medicine and of the American Med Spa Association! 

Defy age and try our services. If you are not feeling very well and active lately, we offer testing services among them are EKG, Cardio-vascular Profile, Pulmonary Function Testing, Blood and Urine. We also have some preventive anti-aging services among them are Diet and Exercise Counselling, Weight Management and Life style modification and Cancer Screening. Plus, we offer you Antioxidants and Probiotics tailored to your needs! We have more services under Weight Management like Diet and Nutrition Counseling to name one. And of course Botox, Fillers and Micro Needling Services!

What are you waiting for? Contact Dr. Vicken Poochiken for more details now! Go to Elite Care Wellness, where life is truly wonderful! Look and Feel Wonderful at Elite Care Wellness!

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