Fire shutters provide an extra layer of security when your home and business are exposed to high temperatures from natural disasters like fire.
Nothing is worse than not being able to save what matters most in this life—but worry no more! Fire up your safety needs with ROLLerUP’s fire-rated shutters!
ROLLerUP offers a custom fit set of aluminum doors that safeguard you and your loved ones from fire, smoke, and all other dangers. You can customize the widths and heights, so they come out perfect for any given space.
If you want to get tougher than a fire, these fire shutters for business owners and homeowners are exactly what you need. These fancy-looking doors act as the security guard of your home or workplace, discouraging pointy flames from entering through your facade. Doors, windows, patio—anything that could possibly serve as an entry for pesky flames will be well taken care of when you have closed steel to keep unwanted guests out.
There are many reasons why you should invest in fire shutters, and these are the following:
Fire shutters are a fire protection measure in which fire doors, fire dampers and other fire-resistant materials or products control the spread of fire. They provide an extra layer of security when your home is exposed to high temperatures from natural disasters like fire, hurricanes and tornadoes.
The fire shutters ROLLerUP offers are designed to be rolled down and locked in place when the fire alarm system is activated. This provides a quick, effective solution for the protection of property from fire damage as well as safeguarding against injury or death caused by smoke inhalation. Fire shutters can also protect your home’s central heating or air conditioning unit and fire sprinkler system from fire damage.

If you are looking for a way to protect your property, fire shutters can be installed on the most common exterior walls of homes or businesses. Don’t hesitate to contact ROLLerUP for a FREE estimate. Visit Rolling Fire Shutter Installation now!

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