Looking for a spa near you? If you live in Chicago, Dallas, or Virginia, there’s this one famous place where you can indulge in great relaxation to relieve your stress from the body and mind.
Looking for a spa near you? If you live in Chicago, Dallas, or Virginia, there’s this one famous place where you can indulge in great relaxation to relieve your stress from the body and mind.
Ever heard of King Spa & Sauna? It is a unique Korean-inspired spa that is known as “Jjim-Jil Bang,” one of the many traditional assets that have coexisted in the Korean community.
This pandemic has brought a lot of changes in our lives—from our jobs, studies, lifestyle, to relationships—it certainly made us look at life from a different lens and perspective. And with all these changes, one thing remains consistent; that is, we all need to continue giving importance to both our mental and physical health.
At any point, we all get stressed out. Even before this pandemic, we’ve all experienced tension and pressure. The symptoms that we normally experience include low energy, loss of drive or desire, body pain, and muscle tension.
The truth is that stress is a natural physical and mental reaction to life experiences. And when it goes on for a long time, it can affect our bodies, thoughts, feelings, and behavior, and harm our health. These may all sound problematic, but it doesn’t mean we cannot do something about it. There are ways on how to prevent and relieve stress, and people need to learn how to manage it to lead happier, healthier lives.
How do you keep stress at bay?
Aside from maintaining a balanced diet, keeping a positive attitude, and seeking out support from your family and friends, it is also important to value self-care. You should remember that self-care means preserving or improving your well-being, happiness, and health.
One particular example is making time for your hobbies and relaxation, and by relaxation, we mean pampering yourself to a spa. The soothing effect of spa treatments—facial and body massage, acupressure, scrub, and v-steam—brings physical and mental relaxation and sends the stress away. And these stress-relieving treatments can all be found at King Spa & Sauna.

Published on its website http://www.kingspa.com/chicago, it says, “The King Spa & Sauna has grabbed the attention of the American media and public with its globally competitive new concept, a concept that provides a family oriented well-being sauna and spa.

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We offer a complete sauna experience with 9 unique healing sauna rooms, acupressure massage for the whole body, a pool to relax in, and a movie theatre for your entertainment. Renowned for being the largest Asian sauna in the United States we provide the ultimate authentic experience that Korean Spa & Sauna has to offer in the country.”
With a children-friendly facility, King Spa & Sauna is a perfect location for families to get together and experience a refreshing, rejuvenating quality time.
“Children can enjoy their time watching a movie at our exquisite movie theater or take a plunge in our pool area, while mom, dad, and grandparents utilize this opportunity to truly relax and rejuvenate their body and mind.”
The King Spa & Sauna ensures to provide the highest quality of services using its own unique cultural blend of Asian treatments to restore our bodies’ health. So if you live in Chicago, Dallas, or Virginia, make sure to visit this amazing place. It’s truly relaxing!

If you want to spend some alone and relax by yourself, they have this General Spa Admission for One. To make your luxurious time more fun, you bring your significant someone and book their General Spa Admission for Couples.

You can also level up your alone time spa experience at King Spa & Sauna with their General Spa Admission + Base Room Access for One. And if you are a couple, get that one-of-a-kind spa experience with their General Spa Admission + Base Room Access for Couples.

Not only is King Spa & Sauna an excellent place to relax your mind and body but also a fantastic one to save money. Remember that self-care is self-worth and self-love. Although indulging in spa treatments is only one of the many things to take self-care into action, it definitely helps you stay clean, focus, and fit. Regain the energy you need and keep the stress away.
Location: 809 Civic Center Dr. Niles, IL. 60714
Telephone: 847-972-2540 / Fax: 847-972-2541

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