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One might think that there is no exact or right way to do Network Marketing Online. No book has even been published for this subject. However, for sure, there is definitely the wrong way to do it. Now, don’t jump to conclusion when you have not read the whole content of this blog yet. I don’t want to sound negative on this, but with years of experience, going the wrong way is not beneficial for your business.

How To Avoid Rookie Marketing Mistakes


How To Avoid Rookie Marketing Mistakes

What’s unexpected though was that the personal picture got more thumbs up and comments than any other posts I used to have, but that was not the kind of result I was aiming for. Below are some common marketing mistakes that any newbie can commit even if the intention was not really part of the plan. We have to bear in mind that an accidental post can either create a great impact or negative effect in the organization as a whole, or worse, you as a person.

People will read your blog if you start blogging

When I started my first ever posts, it had more than 200 views in a day. I was so happy but I was just starting my job. As I continued, I noticed that even the best blog needs constant promotion. Some people just couldn’t read it if you just let it sit there. It is a fact that products, despite how great it is, needs constant advertising and marketing to promote it. Like that product, you need promotion too. Even if you say that your content is great, you must be present in social media streams and literally post the blog for people to see it.
Your old articles need updating too. This is an effective technique when you blog. If people like to follow you, they will constantly check your blogs. If you are trying to be an inspirational leader, you must ensure that your website is accurate and updated. Strategies, Opinions and data can change over time. If you wish to create a blog to compare data differences you may do so. This will show how attentive you are to every detail of your writing. If the outcome is not as expected you can leave it as it is and write a comparison from the previous article. If links are broken, you just need to update the old post. In the event that some predictions did not happen, you can write a review about it. Write your opinion about it and explain where you were basing the old one

Do not update old posts

You must constantly create new content

It is true that you need to create something great, consistently. However, you do not have to do create a different scene all the time. You can make use of the most popular blog in your site and recreate the content through videos, webinar or podcast series to expand the thoughts. You have endless possibilities. Just be creative. If you constantly recycle your posts, there are plenty of online media mileage. Some readers prefer to read the same content in another form. It will also be easier for your social media posts when you have plenty of options.
The company might not be into sending newsletters at the moment, but in the future you will be needing emails to promote your product. Start collecting and saving emails as early as now. You email addresses collected can be your biggest source of customers in the future. This is still the best asset that can bring you ROI. If people who are mere acquaintances share their email address, they might have interest in your content and product so do not just take that interest for granted. Once you have the product or service you will need to send them copies of your latest promos and offers, through newsletters and website links.

Don’t keep emails if you are not sending newsletters

Social media is free

Yes, it is true that social media is free and you can advertise your product or service there for as long as you want. But it is still some kind of belief that when you focus on social media alone, some readers might just not believe your offers because of lack of actual experiences from consumers or they simply look down at it. Most smart marketers do not rely on social media alone.They create a true and useful website and they avail services of online coupon industries to market their products for a minimal fee, like posting discounts and coupons at This legit company not only promotes your product to be seen by the public, but they strategically target consumers who are actual buyers. The price you pay is justified.
This is probably a common mistake by many bloggers. You spend sleepless nights perfecting a content, then when you have already done it, you share it on social media, ONCE. The next day, you forget about it. You spent sleepless nights to create your masterpiece and you only shared it to the world, ONCE? You need to post the content several times to make sure that a lot of readers can see and read it. If you post if today and a lot of readers are not online, they will miss the content. Try to think of different ways to do it. Make yourself proud by sharing it and gathering a lot of readers.

You create a content masterpiece and you share it once

Everything on Social Media should not be taken personally

No one wants to read your post about complaints from a store or rants about your family member. You can post anything of interest and this is safe. If you like sports then you can post about your favorite team, or if you like to travel you can post about your favorite travel places and share amazing reviews. This type of posts can bring your readers closer to you. It can be engaging because you are passionate about what you do. And that makes us, humans, want to keep the passionate side. Social Media is about being social. It should create a network for you. It is not a place to express your hates because the whole world need not know your personal grudges. Take things easy and show them that you care.

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