It is always a great way to market your business on Facebook and show customers what you offer—what your business is doing. Below are some valuable tips that will help you improve your content and attract more customers on Facebook.

It is always a great way to market your business on Facebook and show customers what you offer—what your business is doing. Below are some valuable tips that will help you improve your content and attract more customers on Facebook.

Share Valuable and Meaningful Content

It is important that you stay in touch with your customers through engaging content, no matter what business you are in. Use easy to read, short, and eye-catching posts or images to catch attention. You can even set a schedule of your posts, so you do not need to spend waiting hours for the right posting time.

Pin Special Posts

When you want to gather more attention to a special post, you need to pin it to your page. Once you start publishing an important post, you can pin it for it to stay on top of your page. If you embed a post, it will appear on your website.

Post Discounts, Offers, or News

Invite your customers to events or share some live video for them to see what is happening. Use posts that have special offers to entice them to follow you and become a fan of your page. And because everyone likes discounts, use it to your advantage to gather attention.


There are a lot of podcasts created every day and you can get ideas there. Listen to podcasts in your niche. Simply browsing through the title can give you hints. Enter the niche that you are involved in and which topic you want to write about. After that, you can simply choose a podcast for your audience. Most podcasts have descriptions, so you get a quick overview of what it’s all about. Tip: You don’t have to listen to everything.

2. Amazon

Did you know that you can use Amazon for your content marketing? There are books in every niche. And where are these books usually sold? On Amazon! This is another opportunity waiting to be discovered by you. Type the keyword in the search bar and check out which books come up in your search. Arrange it in the order of most popular and now you have your wonderful topics for your niche. Quickly click some of the popular books and go through the table of contents.

To find untapped content ideas, you can go to the reviews section. This is one good thing about Amazon, people would love to leave reviews. Sometimes they even comment on what is missing in the book, which you pick the idea from. Just by checking on Amazon, you will find out the type of people who read certain types of books and can advance on your content marketing tools.

3. Facebook Groups

Joining Facebook group pages is another way to discover great ideas for your content marketing. There will always be the same Facebook group for your niche. What is wonderful about Facebook groups is that most of the people there always have a question to ask. The questions are great opportunities for your content. Creating content that answers a certain question will encourage you to create more meaningful and unique content.

4. Creating Meaningful Content

After putting together all your content ideas and identifying a strategy, you can now start producing your content. Other people automatically hire a content person to do the task, which is also okay because some professional companies like LP7 Marketing can do it for you. There is nothing wrong with hiring professionals to help you. LP7 Marketing offers cost-effective online marketing solutions. Whether you need a web developer, a content writer, a graphic designer, or a social media specialist, get one or all in one place.

If you do not have the budget, you can still utilize the resources that you have within the company. If you let the internal resources do content marketing, don’t let one person do the job alone. This will take much of his usual workload not to mention this will also delay the output. Two or more heads are better than one. Gather an editor, writer, and others and share the responsibilities. You don’t need to post your content every day too. But hey, LP7 Marketing actually offers budget-friendly services! In fact, you can build your own package according to your needs. Try visiting their website to learn more:

If you do not have a Facebook page yet, start setting up one today. Tip: Make sure to provide complete information, including About Us or Our Story. Don’t forget to upload a profile picture that best represents your business and a cover photo that would encourage visitors to like your page or visit your website.
You can follow these valuable tips so you can get ahead of your competitors. Want to increase your target audience? Leverage Facebook as a marketing tool today!

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