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Every company in the world has one unified goal- to serve many people and help them with everything that they need. That is why one of the must in building a business is to make sure that you work with the right people; people who can provide the services that your clients need. This concept is no stranger in staffing or recruitment agencies. In fact, these are the kinds of companies that must be really picky and cautious when it comes to choosing the right people and services.

How to interview a new staffing agency

Staffing agencies are the matchmakers of the job and service area. They help companies get the staff that can help their businesses grow and likewise help provide work for a lot of people. That’s why many agencies are very diverse when it comes to the recruitment they offer. They offer jobs in clerical, industrial, to medical and technical fields. Thus, one of the problems staffing agencies face is to determine whether or not another agency is fit for their team. So how does one interview a new staffing agency?
First of all, like real-life relationships, you have to get to know the agency from their history, the nature of their services down to their mission and vision. Make sure you ask questions that answer all of these. When you set up an interview, it is best to create an atmosphere that can let you talk, albeit formally, freely and comfortably. This is a business meeting of course, but you’re trying to get to know a group of people who could be your future partner or teammate so make sure you’re in an environment that can make talking easier.
Third, observe interview etiquette’s; be polite, be on time, be a professional and most importantly, embody the ideals of your agency. Remember that the aim of this interview is to build a relationship, therefore aside from the picking up and taking note of the things they present, look for qualities such as integrity, flexibility, passion for service and resilience. If they do have these then they may be worth the chance. But well, the final decision is yours. And lastly, perhaps this is the most important; ask them questions on any difficulties they have encountered as an agency. You may want to know more on their hardships and the measures or solutions they have done to address these problems.
By doing so, you can get an idea on how you can help them out once they become a part of your company. Always remember that you are trying to build a connection, you are trying to establish a relationship based on mutual respect. After all, creating a bond means extending your hand so that everybody improves together. Knowing all their problems not only shows your concern but your noble attempt at camaraderie!
We sincerely hope that you find all these useful. If you need more information on staffing agencies, go to SI Staffing now. Our mission is to help businesses and people grow professionally and personally by helping them find their right match.

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