How long have you been using Groupon? If you are looking for a better site that offers coupons and big discounts, you are going to love LP7 Discounts!
How long have you been using Groupon? If you are looking for a better site that offers coupons and big discounts, you are going to love LP7 Discounts!
People from different walks of life love discounts. Who wouldn’t like to purchase a brand new item valued at $200 for $150 right?

This is one of the main reasons why the group-buying site offering deals like Groupon has become wildly popular with consumers. It provides convenience to shoppers and allows them to save time and money.

If you are an entrepreneur, venturing into promotion through coupons needs a better understanding. And your goal is to transform the world of online shopping, such a promotion is great to be part of your overall marketing plan.
In the same way that Groupon helps businesses grow and consumers save, another user-friendly group-buying site has arrived to bring innovation and effective marketing solutions.
Ever heard of LP7 Discounts? What this amazing site wants to accomplish is to help businesses survive and thrive especially during unexpected circumstances. It allows different businesses to boost marketing efforts and achieve greater success, at the same time give consumers a stress-free, convenient, and inexpensive shopping experience.
With LP7 Discounts, your business can give consumers convenient access to food and drinks, beauty and wellness, activities, and other basic needs and services right at their fingertips.
According to Groupon, they make money by charging a marketing fee advertising and promoting their offers. In most cases, that fee is a percentage of the revenue generated by selling on their website.
A Groupon promotion can be a way to attract a lot of consumers and entice potential customers to try your products and services. In simpler terms, it advertises your business to a bigger and wider audience. Groupon and LP7 are solid advertising platforms and have a good reputation among consumers. They don’t make money until your business makes money. But what makes LP7 Discounts different?

If you visit their easy-to-use website, you will personally notice the difference. You can experience its user-friendly and straightforward approach by clicking here:

Detailed Benefits of Using LP7 Discounts

1. Your $100 monthly goes a long way. You can become a pioneer merchant for only $100 a month instead of $500. No commission fee, no hidden charges, and no renewal obligations, which means you do not have any financial burden. You get more with what you want for your business through an effective and inexpensive marketing campaign.
2. LP7 Discounts only charges 10% transaction fee. When a customer purchases a deal, LP7 Discounts only takes 10% transaction fee. You will not be charged with any commission, listing, or unexpected fees.
3. Real-time updates. Track your success with 100% transparency in your advertising efforts. The LP7 Discounts website gives real-time updates, which means you can track the progress of coupon redemption anytime, anywhere.
4. Business-to-consumer relationship. New and repeat customers will receive updates about your promotions. Since the ultimate benefit is advertising, lasting connections with your consumers can be formed with more clientele.
5. Double exposure. To increase your potential conversion rate, LP7 Discounts will also feature your business on their official Facebook. They will introduce your business to an entirely new set of customers on social media.
6. Clear Payout Structure. Payout is on the 1st and 16th day of the month.

How It Works

Get a complete guide to your success here:
1. Sign up to LP7 Discounts to become an official merchant.
2. After signing up, send an e-mail to that shows details of your three (3) offers.


  • Name of the Offers
  • Original Price
  • Discounted Price
  • Starting Date
  • Ending Date
  • Photos of the Offers

NOTE: Your monthly payment covers the three (3) offers.

3. Your offers will be reviewed by LP7 Discounts.
4. Once your offers are reviewed, they will be posted on the LP7 Discounts website for your customers to see and avail.
The steps are easy, and the process is hassle-free. After you sign up, you just have to wait for your products to sell.
For many, couponing has become a way of life, even investors are enamored with the power of promotion through coupons. If you want to prioritize selling slow-moving items or unutilized services, this timely and effective marketing solution can solve this problem.
The real deal is that any business needs to have a broader perspective when it comes to introducing their business to a bigger audience. If you want to be more appealing to consumers and stay ahead of your competitors, LP7 Discounts can structure the promotion.
Be ready to optimize, innovate, and serve. JOIN, EARN, and GROW!

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