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I had a previous blog about 5 simple ways to save money. The truth is, there are a lot of ways for you to save. In this blog I will enumerate more options so you have more ways to find one or two that works for you.

Make "Saving Money" a Daily Habit


#Make a personal weekly budget

It is very important that we allocate only a certain amount for our expenses so you will have a portion to go to savings. Create you own personal budget that will work for you. I use Microsoft excel to type in my budget for the week and input the different expenses in columns like food, car maintenance, house, vitamins, etc.

#Lessen coffee shop expense.​

Oh! for the love of God, coffee is one of the most important drink of the day. I love it so much I can sleep with it. Seriously, your trips to coffee shops can cost you $4 to $5 on coffee. If you make your coffee at home you can save these dollars and I mean a lot of it.

#Check out blogs

vlogs, pinterest for DIY beauty regimen. A lot of beauty products have come out like mushrooms but nothing beats natural and organic. We also need to allocate a certain amount for self-care and improvement so allow yourself to learn the DIY items and save a portion of your beauty budget.

#Cut your cable subscription​

There are the likes of Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime to watch your favorite TV shows and movies that will cost you lesser than getting a cable connection. The internet is your dear friend anyway.

#Plan your meals for the week

A trip to the grocery stores for your weekly meal plan can go a long way on your saving project. If you dine out almost every night you will flush all your money on food to the toilet. Trust me. Eating at home will work best for you if you have a very tight budget.

#Quit keeping up with the rich kids on the block

We cannot help comparing our social stature to others, especially the rich kids your age. However, you need to clear your vision that there will always be someone better than you. So stand still and listen to yourself. Evaluate what matters most and build your financial plans to support your goal. This will keep you moving toward your financial goals and stop you from spending money on things you don’t need, to impress people you don’t like.

#Organize a friendship potluck day​

We always make time to meet friends and colleagues and the more friends we have, the more expenses lunch and dinner dates will be. Instead of going to restaurants every Friday night you can organize a potluck day where each of your friends can bring in food favorites and you share what you have. You will have a more intimate meal with your girlfriends too. This will go a long way to cutting your dinner expenses plus others such as tip and taxes and parking.

#Be informed

There are a lot of personal financial books you can read for more financial management insights. Read more and learn how to handle your finances well. Knowledge is power.

#Spend more time working

When you are preoccupied with work you think less of shopping and spending. Stay busy and reach for your dream career.

#Balance your personal YOLO spending

Yes you only live once, but you do not live in a day. So you have to leave funds for the day-after. With social media enticing us and dictating what to do, we burden ourselves of coping with the latest trend. Don’t fall victim of this social media phenomenon. It is important to remain stable. Spend but retain some for your savings.

#Avail the exercise pass program

An exercise pass program can help you save a lot on your gym classes. The membership fee of Class Pass is only $99 per month and you can have unlimited classes like cycling, yoga, Pilates, barre, strength training, boot camp, dance and more—within your

#Be more creative in gift giving

There are thousands of ways to express your love to family and friends, no matter the occasion. A thoughtful handwritten birthday card is even sweeter than any other gift. If you would like to shop for cards and gifts, check out for options on gift shopping. A coupon you redeem can go a long way to your shopping budget. After all, it is the thought that counts.

#Give yourself a 48-hour deadline.

We can order anything we like in the internet these days. It helps when you delay your gratification for about 48 hours so you can think if it is really worth the spending. Don’t be too impulsive. Most items cannot be returned when you change your mind.

#Keep track of your saving progress.

According to research, Americans save only about 5.5 % of their income compared to the 20% books say you should save. But instead of feeling sorry for yourself, start saving this coming payday even for just 1%. Eventually you will get used to it and it will be easy to get that 20%. You can choose your pick from the items above which way suits you best for your saving convenience. Start saving now so you can have more budget for investment or maybe future travel plans.

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