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Social Media Video has been part of online marketing for years and facebook alone has about 8 billion video views per day. According to Bloomberg, in April 2016, Snapchat had 10 billion video views per day. This data does not include the other social media channels yet like Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. If you are seeing video clips in your social media feeds right now, that is still the tip of the iceberg. Cisco said that online video traffic will represent 82% of most internet traffic in 3 years.

Marketer's Guide to Social Media Video formats


Types of Social Media Video and its technical details

#Live Video​

More than 1/3 of the internet viewers watch live video daily using facebook live. This is followed by youtube live streaming. Live video is also available on Instagram and Twitter.
Facebook Live Video can be done by schedule or spontaneous. You can comment on Facebook Live Video and that is what makes it a great way to interact with clients or audience. Technical Requirements according to facebook: – Resolution: Maximum 720p (1280 X 720), 30 frames per second
– Maximum bit rate: 4 mbps
– Minimum video length: None, but Facebook recommends 10 minutes
– Maximum video length: 4 hours
– Title length: Maximum 255 characters

#Twitter Live Video

Twitter owns the live-broadcasting app Periscope before it even launched. But it was only in December 2016 that Periscope’s live functionality was available to all twitter uses. Technical Requirements according to Twitter:
– You can do live stream directly on Twitter from your smartphone. For more
options, you can send the stream to twitter via Periscope app. Check the periscope marketing guide.
– To launch your live social video straight from Twitter, tap the compose icon, then click Live. Tap Go Live to start broadcasting when you are ready.

#Twitter Live Video

This is managed by a Youtube verified encoder. You have to download one before you can start posting live video on Youtube. You can also use LiveChat to interact with your viewers. The live video is archived after you finish your broadcast but the live chat is not archived

Instagram Live Video

Instagram’s live videos cannot be archived. If the broadcast is done, the video is gone. Make sure though you’re recording to another source if you want to go permanent. Technical Requirement according to Instagram
– It is very simple to share live video on instagram through the Instagram app up to 1 hour.
– Tap the Camera icon in the top left corner of the screen and swipe right from the feed, then tap Start Live Video.
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Live 360 Video

This is now the blending of live video and 360 video, combined interactivity and 360 video virtual reality for live streaming. Both facebook and twitter have launched the live 360 platforms but it is only available to selected publishers at the moment. Facebook’s program should roll out later this year more broadly and twitter is on waitlist for periscope 360 program. Right now, Periscope360 is rolling out iOS users first and temporarily supports integration with Insta360 nano camera. Youtube already offers live 360 broadcasting to everyone. Technical requirements for Youtube:
– Set your broadcast up as a Live Scheduled Event rather than just clicking
Stream Now, as described for YouTube live video above.
– Device broadcasting in 360 degrees
– Recommended resolution 2160p or 1440p
– Aspect ratio 16:9

Video Looping

There is looping video functionality on Twitter and Instagram today. If you remember vine, the original looping social video network, it is now a legacy.

Twitter looping video

When Vine was shut down, Twitter announced that all Vine length videos posted on twitter would loop regardless of what tools were used to create them. Technical Requirements for Twitter looping Video
– Minimum video length: 1 second
– Maximum video length: 6.5 seconds for looping
– Maximum file size: 512 MB
– Minimum resolution: 32 X 32
– Maximum resolution: 1920 x 1200 (or 1200 x 1920)
– Maximum bitrate: 25 mbps

Instagram looping video

All videos loop on instagram, but investigate on Boomerang for short, fun, looping videos. The Instagram app takes a burst of up to 20 photos and turns them into looping videos. Technical Requirements for Instagram looping video
– Instagram keeps the technical requirements simple. Create and share
Boomerang videos from any smartphone with both Instagram and Boomerang installed.

Facebook looping video

Facebook automatically loops short videos but shorted than 30 seconds compared to twitter. It loops to a total of approximately 90 seconds. Technical requirements for Facebook looping video
– Maximum video length: 30 seconds for looping
– Maximum file size: 4 GB

Disappearing video

Not all videos stay forever. Sometimes, they disappear after it is posted. If you’re ephemeral, head to Snapchat or Instagram Stories.

Snapchat Stories

This is the originator of disappearing social content concept. Like snapchat story, snapchat videos disappear after 24 hours. Try out snapchat lenses even if you look funny. It last for 24 hours only anyway.

Instagram Stories

Like Snapchat, Instagram stories also disappear after 24 hours. It allows you to add text or stickers or draw on your video before posting it.

High-production video

If you are creating high-quality, high definition social video in longer formats, post on Youtube or Vimeo since both can support full HD videos (1080p) and Ultra HD 4K.

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