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Have you ever thought of finding ways to minimize your advertising expenses? Did it ever occur in your mind that there is a company offering effective marketing mileage at an affordable cost? Too good to be true you might say, but it is 100% real. Yes you read it right because that is the reason of our existence.

Marketing & Advertising Opportunity

The Loyalty Power 7 Merchants are our valuable assets in this endeavor because they are key to the success of our business transactions. Our philosophy is always to provide them the right marketing tool with the cheapest possible price so they can give more offers to our members. We know for a fact that for one business to grow we need to let the public know of our existence. Not only that, we need to constantly remind them our offers.
As merchants, you can choose to register either as Essential or Sole Merchant to advertise your coupons and discounts to your potential loyal customers. Just like the members, there is no membership renewal requirement for merchants.
We give you the perks of essential members and an opportunity to get loyal customers; high percentage of sales return and advertisement opportunities for a minimal registration fee of $10. If you like more, the Sole merchant option is what you are looking for. For the price of $100 per year, you save money yet you get to enjoy greater product marketing opportunities. There are no hidden charges and we do not require a share of your revenue with us. You simply pay the registration fee. That’s just it.
Advertising may not necessarily mean expensive. We will assist you on how you can market your products with us and when is the right timing to do it. There is always a perfect timing, you just need to be in it. And we tell you the right time is now.

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