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My mother is the strongest person I know. When my dad was nursing liver complications for a couple of years, it was my mom who stood, rolled up her sleeves and worked to support our family. Mom worked two to three jobs just to make ends meet. I and my two siblings had seen how much she sacrificed for us to live every day. I could just remember her coming home from work, exhausted and sleepy. But her sacrifices were not wasted for last 2011, my sister graduated from Penn and the year after that, my Dad was finally better. I graduated last 2015, got a job in an accounting firm and swore to myself that I will honor my parents, especially my Mom for giving us the good life we have right now.

Mother’s Day Special: Own a Napa Vineyard

I admit that every day should be a mothers’ day but everyone is honestly very busy, most of the time, we have no time to show our moms how much we love them. I lived an hour from my parents’ house and I get off work around 6 in the evening. I had to wrestle with cooking dinner, doing my laundry and prepare for work in the morning. I admit, I don’t have much time to visit them in the weekdays. The only days I can see them are Sunday Brunch with my siblings’ families. But Mothers’ Day is extra special.
Our usual mothers’ day tradition is brunch at The National Aviary or at The Grand Concourse. Sometimes, we check out Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium. Me and my siblings, together with their kids, treat our parents to a sumptuous meal and go sight-seeing. We also visit the mall and buy something nice. Seeing her kids and her grandkids in one room, my mom always have the biggest smile on her face. We also visit the mall and buy something nice. Seeing her kids and her grandkids in one room, my mom always have the biggest smile on her face. Her smile got even bigger when sometime last year, we bought her an extra special gift.
My brother attended a conference in California. He came across the information that anyone can own a vineyard. So we flew to Own A Napa Vineyard. When we got there, we were immediately convinced, we love to own one, too! Everything there is picturesque! Our parents had gone through so much, especially my mom, giving her this gift is a small thing compared to all of the things that she did for us. Normally, for mothers’ day, we just spend some time outside the house, around Pittsburgh. Starting last year, we kicked mom’s day up a notch. All of us went to California, checked out Own A Napa Vineyard and watched our parents wore the biggest, most precious smile on their faces! It was even more priceless when she learned that she can have a private label! All to her name! Just imagine, a bottle named after you! That’s how much going to Own A Napa Vineyard changed our lives! Make your parents the happiest because they deserve every bit of it.

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My mom has always told me that her only happiness is seeing her family happy. But you can actually do more! At Own A Napa Vineyard, happiness takes on a higher, happier note! What better way to celebrate mothers’ day than to make your mom feel like every day is truly her day?