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We received this email from one of our Valued Members.

It was the holiday season in good old Maryland and I needed to send greeting cards to my family in Chicago. My husband tried to convince me to shop for discount cards at Loyalty Power 7. He was already a member and he could share his access ID with me, but I was hesitant because I knew another site with great deals. So I left him at the dining table to sit on the sofa, opened my laptop and accessed the online personalized print shop that I usually go to, but I could not find what I was looking for.

My forever love: Blues BBQ Brisket

I asked my husband for his log in info to Loyalty Power 7 I was surprised! Loyalty Power 7 has a lot to offer, and I found what I was looking for with a bigger discount than my other site I usually go to. I told my husband that I found what I was looking for! He looked at me with a smile, and said “I told you so.” I ended up purchasing several Christmas cards which I was able to deliver right in time for Christmas.
I decided to become a member at Loyalty Power 7 using my husband’s referral. Shopping for coupons and discounts has never felt this good! My first experience was picking up an incredible Brisket Sandwich at the Blues BBQ Truck in Frederick. The coupon I chose to use got me a free Bag of Donuts, and now I`m addicted to both of them! With one trip to the Blues BBQ Truck, I saved what my monthly membership cost. That`s awesome! I go to Blues once a week now.
Loyalty Power 7 has new offers every week and it helps me to save quite a bit of money. I have been sharing it with my friends and they love it because it`s free to join and the membership is free for the 1st month. Thank you Loyalty Power 7. Anna -office manager

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