Printing your shipping label is one thing. Printing it anywhere, anytime, is another.
Printing your shipping label is one thing. Printing it anywhere, anytime, is another.
It’s a given requirement in shipping within and outside the United States that a fully filled-out, printed label is attached to the package before taking it to where it’s supposed to be. Traditionally, the only way to get the label is to personally stand in line at the shipping carrier’s office and receive the form for you to fill out. Only then you’ll be able to send your parcel for shipment.
While it may sound like a piece of cake, imagine the time, money, and effort you can save if you have the option to do all these things anywhere you wish to, be it at home or in the office while working! It is possible with PostageMaker and the power is right at your fingertips!
When shipping through some of the most popular shipping companies: United States Postal Service (USPS), FedEx, and United Parcel Service (UPS), you have the choice drop off your package at the nearest chosen carrier or have the courier pick up your package at the address indicated on the pickup request form online. This is just one of the many perks you get when you use PostageMaker.
Not only can you send parcels in a cheaper cost, but you can also generate the shipping label online anytime at your convenience. This partnership between PostageMaker and the abovementioned shipping companies benefits us, and more importantly you. Where else can you get a discounted rate up to 35% when shipping internationally? Only at and not elsewhere.
You can have the luxury to relax at home while filling out the label, printing it out, and attaching it to your parcel. And to save you more time, you can schedule your package to be picked up too! How cool is that?
With all that and more, you get a reliable, efficient, and convenient service when you use PostageMaker

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