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Most businesses think of social media marketing as a big thing that one can take advantage of while it is still a hit. In this age and time, everyone is eyes glued at almost all social media channels. In the past, we read the newspaper, fast forward to today, we look at social media to find out what’s the latest buzz. However, there are still some who thinks that everything is a plain waste of time, not to mention, hard to learn.

Social media Marketing proved beneficial

Social Media is known to be unprofitable, but statistics prove otherwise: Hubspot showed that 92% of businesses in 2014 claimed that social media marketing helped a lot in their business growth, 80% said that they have increased traffic through their postings and efforts. The Social Media Examiner said 97% of business marketers are engaged in social media, while 85% are not able to identify which is the best social media tool. You see, there is a huge opportunity in social media marketing to increase your business revenue. But because we lack knowledge on how to use it we were unable to achieve results. Here I explain the use of social media marketing for your business needs:
One might think that there is no exact or right way to do Network Marketing Online. No book has even been published for this subject. However, for sure, there is definitely the wrong way to do it. Now, don’t jump to conclusion when you have not read the whole content of this blog yet. I don’t want to sound negative on this, but with years of experience, going the wrong way is not beneficial for your business.

#Brand Recognition

Social Media Marketing is a way for you to reach out to customers in one click of a button. Because they are glued on their PC and laptops, they can visibly see the business that you are into and the product that you sell. Your company will speak for itself but your social media network will be your tool to have high reach. Your accessibility to new customers is very important. Your facebook posts for example can go into a newsfeed of one potential customer through sharing. The more they see you and your brand, the more they recognize you.

#Strengthen brand loyalty

Those businesses who engage fully on social media marketing are enjoying their high customer loyalty. As they become visible they get to trust your products even more and they share it to their friends and family. They would see the heart and soul of the company thereby create a lasting relationship between you and your customer.

#Increase Conversion opportunities

Every time you post on social media your are creating a platform to connect to your customers to convert. When you create a following account on twitter, you have access to potential customers, current customers and loyal customers and you are interacting with them. When you update your blog, post pictures and videos or share a tweet and comment, you are opening opportunities for interaction and eventually, conversion. Not everything can lead to conversion though but every positive interaction increases its probability.

#Increase Brand Authority

Customer interaction is goodwill to other customers. When people are satisfied and delighted with your offers they go to social media and brag about what they got. This will serve as your positive review. When they post your brand and name, their friends and acquaintances can become your potential customers who will eventually follow your updates. The more people share and talk about you on social media, the higher is your brand authority. It will also catch the attention of major influencers.

#Inbound Traffic

If you do not utilize Social Media tools, you limit your inbound traffic only to those who know about you. When you add a social media profile you create a path leading to your site and an opportunity for other people to discover you and your brand. The more inbound traffic you create the more chances for conversion. In social media, traffic is your friend. 6. High SEO Rankings. Using SEO is the best way to have site traffics but the coding and requirements is not constant. Nowadays it is not enough to constantly update your blog, use unique title tags or shortlinks pointing back to your site. Google might calculate their rankings based on Social Media Presence because most brands are into social media. This means if you want to rank, make your social media presence strong.

#Minimize Marketing Cost

Hubspot said 84% of marketers spend at least 6 hours per week to get high traffic social media presence. This is not much of an investment for something large. If you spend an hour a day to develop your content and strategies, you can see results immediately. Paid advertising in social media also comes out cheap. But this also depends on your set goals. You can start at a small budget and when you have already settled you can increase your budget over time.

#Enhanced Customer Experiences

Simply put, Social Media Marketing makes you interact directly to your customer to show them you care. When an irate customer complains about your products on twitter you can immediately answer the complaint and apologize and make it right. If a customer commends you, you can also get back to her with gratitude. Responding to posts and answering emails are both communication channels. It can be a good avenue for you to publicly display your business and customer relations.

#A Sneak peak at Customer Insights

Always remember that Social Media Marketing has its pros as well as cons. However, bear in mind that your competitors are already on social media. Are you allowing yourself to be left behind? The sooner you start the farther you will go. You have nothing to lose when you join the Social Media Squad. You just need to establish yourself and the rest will follow. The time to start is not tomorrow, but now. Check out for more information on Social Media Marketing and if your need any assistance in starting up with your business introduction in the world wide web. We will gladly help. LoyaltyPower7 If you engage your business in social media, you have the chance to sneak peak at what your customers are interested in. You can monitor comments and shares to see how they view your products or services directly. You can analyze and filter some contents and see which one’s generate the most impression, views and reactions so you can produce more of that content. You can also measure conversions and generate ideas for better revenue

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