To help you maintain your Roller Shutter’s condition, here are the primary components of a Roller Shutter.
It is not new to many of us how Roller Shutters work. Basically, it is the tool that most people, especially business owners, use to secure their stores, properties, and belongings. But it is inevitable that some Roller Shutters actually malfunction for some reason. For us to fully understand why this happens and how we can maintain our Roller Shutters in good working condition, we need to know the primary components of the Roller Shutter.


Slats are the components used to create the outer structure of the Roller Shutter. Slats are extruded or roll formed steel. These slats make up the roller curtain. They simply slide together and are locked at each end to prevent the curtain from sliding apart. The materials used in these slats are either aluminum or stainless steel. It can also be single or a multi-wall. The designs available in the market today are either Hollow or Insulated.

Roller or Axle Tube

Next is the Roller or Axle Tube. This is a steel or aluminum tube supported at either end by an end plate. It comes in two forms. It can be cylindrical or octagonal. The Roller/Axle Tube is used to allow the curtain to roll when rolled up.

Shutter Spring

Next is the Shutter Spring. There are two (2) types of shutter springs available in the market – A Spring Wire and a Flat Spring. But the most commonly used spring for Roller Shutters is The Spring Wire.
Spring Wire (or Wire Spring) is basically a type of spring made out of steel wire. It is also called a Torsion Spring. This is also typically used as a raw material for the manufacture of springs. Also, based on market standard, spring wires have a high level of durability and resistance which means it does not easily wear off.

Guide Rail or Track

Next is the Guide Rail. This is how the curtain moves up and down vertically. It is made out of steel or aluminum and it retains the shutter curtain within the opening. The Guide Rails are seen on both sides of the Roller Shutter and it provides the roller curtain a smooth vertical track movement.

Bottom Slat

Next is the Bottom Slat. Just like the regular slats used to make up the roller curtain, the Bottom Slat is a roll formed steel, aluminum, or PVC. It basically matches the rest of the slats of the curtain. It serves as the base of the roller shutter curtain.


And last and definitely not the least, the Lock. Locks are the secret to Roller Shutters’ ensured security. Various locks can be used in Roller Shutters. It can be either a Slide Lock or a Bullet Lock. Locks are installed within the Bottom Slat and have bars to securely lock the shutter into the guide rails.

The Takeaway

Of course, there are more components that make up the Roller Shutter. But let these primary components guide you so that when the time comes that your Roller Shutter seems to not work properly, you would know which part needs repair or replacement. And when you need to get a repair or replacement for your Roller Shutter, ROLLerUP is ready to assist you. Our professional team is here to handle the job for you. Feel free to contact us anytime and we will be ready for you.

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