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The Strongest 8 Words in Marketing


Let us examine two types of titles:

Which of the titles is an attention better? It is obvious that Title B is your choice, but you might ask, why? It has something to do with the language composition. Important words like Advice, you, earn and free are useful words that make your headline an attention-getter. You can create your own attention-better titles by putting powerful marketing words that can make your title worth the click.


Who doesn’t want to hear advises from the experts? I for one would want to get it.

2. YOU

This is the most effective word that you can use for the title heading because this refers directly to your customer or reader. You will create a bridge to the customer. It is something that will interest them because it is all about them.


The most successful articles to read are articles which will benefit the reader. If you use words like income, earnings and the like, this will heighten their curiosity on how they can earn income. This may not be applicable to all titles but it works in many ways. You just have to make sure that you truly mean what you promise.


Everybody wants to hear the word discount. Freebies and other discount offers are great pleasures for most consumers. That is why, Buy 2 get 1 or Buy 1 get one will get the most attention during Sale season. Writing an article that will not cost them anything can surely hit the right target.


This is another important word/s that can attract your reader. It is the other way of saying you will get your money’s worth. If you will not be satisfied we return it to you. These two words give your customers the security of their investment.


Most people want to get their answers and orders in an instant. This will definitely be an attention better when you include this in your article header or title.


More often than not, we prefer an “easy” life, so if they see this word the reader will definitely glue his eyes on your title. This sounds a lot better than any other promises because we have to admit that life and all things done easy is a common dream of everyone. But there is a downside to this word though, because as the saying goes, nothing worth having comes easy, so you have to make sure that this might mean easy but it is guaranteed “worthy”.


This is another word that can be helpful for your article or title. This implies that the offer might not come again so they have to grab the opportunity. You can use this for your special offers and this will be something they don’t want to miss.

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