Add charm and style to your home by installing durable awnings from ROLLerUP. Spruce your patio and enjoy the summer afternoon without worries.
Summer is here, but how do you get to enjoy the beautiful view from your patio if the sun is warm and directly above you?
Sure, the patio, balcony, and other outdoor spaces are some of the best places in your home where you can relax and enjoy sunny days, but not when it’s hot and humid. Good thing ROLLerUP provides retractable awnings that are perfect even on a hot summer afternoon!
Retractable awnings are wall-mounted and can be manually or electronically controlled. This type of shading product transforms your simple patio into a versatile outdoor space where you can hang around with your friends or family, practice the guitar, have coffee in the morning, and do a lot more activities.
Elegant and Durable Awnings
If you’ve seen restaurants or cafes with awnings outside their establishments, that’s because they know how elegant, durable, and useful these could be. You can do the same for your lovely home to add charm and style with the help of ROLLerUP.
ROLLerUP installs high-quality awning fabrics not only for businesses and offices but homes too.

Vertical Awnings

Open Awnings

Terrace Awnings

Box Awnings

Extend and Retract When Needed
Even during summer, the weather can still be unfavourable. To grant yourself a well-deserved relaxation without interruption and protect your skin from the scorching heat or unexpected rain, the best way to spruce up your patio or balcony is to install ROLLerUP’s retractable awnings. You can extend the shade anytime and retract it when needed. That’s how versatile, flexible, and beautiful awnings are.
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