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At some point in our lives, haven’t most of us experienced the heartache of a lover? The push and pull? However, have you ever wondered that you might be living with a particular lover every day? FOOD! For once, have you thought about how deeply passionate food is? Had any idea about what is behind this intense connection that your naked eye, mouth, and heart can’t get enough of? I know the answer. Maybe the food you’re thinking about is from Vizzini’s Pizza ‘n Subs! Your number one source of happiness and food pleasure. At least Vizzini’s won’t break your heart as someone else did, right?

Vizzini's Pizza and Subs, your source of food pleasure!

Vizzini’s Pizza ‘n Subs is everyone’s first love in Glen Burnie, Baltimore. Whether it’s for celebrating a triumph, reunion with friends, spending time with your family or rewarding yourself with comforting food, they will be there for you. Their menu is delicious, quick and best of all, the combination of toppings is entirely for everyone to enjoy! For years, this beautiful food store with all kinds of flavors and tastes have been capturing the people’s hearts, from their appetizers, main menu, side dishes, and who could ever forget about their beverages?
It’s one of their specialties. Just by the mention of Pizza, it’s probably going to give you many memories to remember and pretty sure you’re craving for some too. So why don’t you give yourself a break? Head over to Vizzini’s Pizza ‘n Subs and reward yourself with some treats!
The moment you enter the pizzeria, the smell will make you believe in love again. As promised in their website, you have the freedom to choose from their variety of selections of Cheese Pizza, Wings, Vizzini’s Favorite Subs such as their Steak, Hamburger, Pasta and Italian Meatball and Vizzini’s Platters such as Chicken Tenders and Seafood Platter. Their Salads N Sides are also the crowd’s favorite. I personally like the Chef Salad! If you are also into sweets and all the things in between, their desserts will melt you! Try their Hershey Chocolate Cake or Carrot Cake and then pair it with one of their beverages, it will bring you to heaven. The restaurant itself is stylish and warm. The place feels light and gives you the freedom to relax and have fun conversations with your friends.
Eating there is indeed the fun thing you need to forget stress, problems, and deadlines for a little while. You will love the freshness, appeal and the aroma of their dishes. What are you waiting for? I’m sure your stomach is pretty hungry already just by imagining it. Go to Vizzini’s Pizza ‘n Subs now and enjoy!

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