With lumber prices increasing significantly, aluminum is the next best option or alternative for pergolas. Discover the benefits that might make you consider aluminum instead of wood pergolas.

Pergolas play an essential role both for homes and businesses. In choosing the right material for installing pergolas, most people would prefer wood as the first option as it offers a particular visual aesthetic that fits perfectly in most outdoor spaces such as gardens.

However, lumber prices have significantly increased recently. According to CBC News on April 3, 2021, lumber supplies are low but the demand keeps rising as lumber prices increased for up to $30,000 to the cost of building a house or other related projects.

While wood is a good material for your pergola, you might find it costly and impractical at the moment. That is why aluminum makes a good alternative for wood. Here are some reasons and benefits why you should consider choosing aluminum for your pergola.


Aluminum is a good material known for its durable features. It can withstand all elements, including water and heat. For this reason, aluminum makes a good choice for installing pergolas in homes and businesses as it guarantees longevity and durability. Moreover, the surface of most aluminum pergolas features powder-coated paint, which does not fade over time.


In line with the first point, having a durable material such as aluminum for your pergola is cost-effective and is proven to be long-lasting and durable which makes it worth the cost. Moreover, a quality aluminum pergola not only improves the look of your home or store but also saves you a lot in utility costs. It also increases your property’s value.

3.Low Maintenance

With a sturdy metal frame, aluminum pergolas offer the stability of a wooden structure that lasts a lifetime. A durable and cost-effective aluminum pergola requires low maintenance. Why? Because aluminum used in pergolas can withstand any element, making your pergola usable all-year-round without worrying about any maintenance cost. Not only did you save big but you also enjoyed your outdoor space with no compromise.
If you are looking to get a pergola for your home or store, find the best material that offers durability, cost-effectiveness, and requires low maintenance. With the significant increase in lumber prices, it’s about time to go for aluminum. Enjoy the outdoors without compromise and install an aluminum pergola for your home or business.
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