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One might think that there is no exact or right way to do Network Marketing Online. No book has even been published for this subject. However, for sure, there is definitely the wrong way to do it. Now, don’t jump to conclusion when you have not read the whole content of this blog yet. I don’t want to sound negative on this, but with years of experience, going the wrong way is not beneficial for your business.

What to avoid doing in Network Marketing Online

Since Loyalty Power 7 was created, we have been active on Network Marketing and it did bring good revenue to the business and sky rocket earnings to our merchants. This has always been a big help to us or in any other business for that matter. But doing it all wrong is not a good idea, especially that we are 100% operating online. As years went by we also have our fair share of wrong moves and wrong decisions but we were able to surpass all that. We did not want to be those “others” who scam products and company online.

Here are some tips to prevent what not to do when you start your Network Marketing online and how to successfully do it on your own.

# Playing Coach but has no team

When we created our facebook, instagram or twitter account, we have been bombarded with account invitations claiming they are “mentors” or “coaches or “inspirational speakers” asking us to follow them or check their offers and opportunities, sometimes wanting to share to us a “secret” video or teach us how to get leads to succeed. When someone does this in your twitter account, or facebook and instagram for that matter, and sends you unsolicited offers or offering you free “coaching”, yet they only have less than 200 followers and all their post contain only about their company and products – they are coaches but no team. They are nothing more than scam and posers in the social media.

# Prioritize Value and Content

The good side about Network Marketing online though is you can shift from a poser to a leader in less than a day. You can update your social media profile and clean up unwanted data in one day or less. In the next few days you can have several content and valuable posts that people would want to read or posts that they are looking for. In a week’s time you can grow your followers to hundreds, generate some followers and leads through the current audience and get them to sign up for your business.

Loyalty Power 7 has been helping so many people and coached them to change their old social media posts into something with value and it just worked perfectly. You might ask if it’s easy? No, but it will be worth it. Do not put all your investments to waste. Let the people know who you really are. Click for more details. If you want to get a training, we will teach you how.

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