As a business owner, how do you view social media in today’s digital world?

As a business owner, how do you view social media in today’s digital world?

Arguably, more and more people log in to their social media accounts every day. With such an overwhelming number of users that continues to grow each year, social media has become another habit for people, the young and the adults alike. And with this considered, it is safe to say that it has become a place for greener pastures—an ideal platform for marketing businesses for experienced and budding entrepreneurs.

But why do people advertise their business on social media? There are many reasons, and the most common and popular are the following:

1. SEO​

Social media plays a big role in helping businesses get their content in front of a bigger audience. Although social media does not directly contribute to SEO ranking, the links you share do. So if the content you share on social platforms includes links, every click from your audience means an increase in online visibility and brand exposure.

2. Increase Brand

Social media was made to connect people. As a communication tool for individuals and businesses, it is a powerful platform that helps increase brand awareness about your business. Social media allows you to interact and engage with your audience, tell your brand story, and listen to feedback and comments from your customers.

3. Increase Website Traffic

While marketers have long debated whether social media directly impacts SEO, it can be easily understood how it can help increase website traffic because it is capable of doing so. When you provide your audience with information, you are free to include links that will drive them to your site, whether to the homepage or blog section. In simpler terms, sharing links to your social media profile can invite your friends and followers to visit your website.

4. Increase Brand Loyalty

There is gold in social media interactions. The word social means interaction, and without that interaction, you’re missing the point of selling on the platform. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have billions of users across the world, and interacting with your followers increases the chance of doubling your maximum outreach. If you notice, a lot of Facebook Business Pages reply to comments and private messages, this is because interacting with your audience builds trust, credibility, and loyalty, which would later result in an increase in conversion rates.

Whether you view social media as a basic communication tool or a marketing platform, it is important to know why social media exists and how to use it properly. Every social media platform has its own policies that users need to follow. More importantly, you have to know why and what you are posting online.

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